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Polish Pottery 101

If you've ever turned over a piece of Polish Pottery you've certainly noticed that each piece has a different stamping or signature on it. We're here to help you make sense of it all.    Step 1: Identifying the Factory There are dozens of Polish Pottery factories, some are more well established and produce higher quality stoneware, some produce gorgeous designs with lesser quality stoneware. There is a range for all tastes and budgets. 99% of our inventory comes from the highest regarded Polish Pottery factory: Ceramika Artystyczna. Ceramika Artystyczna (CA for short) is world renowned for both their artistry and quality. CA pottery is exceptionally high in quality. Pieces that have been used for 15 years can display as...

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Shop FAQs

  Section 1: Website Policies, Ordering, and Shipping Has my order shipped / When will my order ship? All shipping notifications are sent via email. If you have not received a shipping notification email, your order has not shipped. Thank you for your patience! We promise we have not forgotten about your order.  We're working diligently to process all orders quickly and safely. You'll receive an email when your order ships. How do I place an order?  We process all orders through our online store, where you are now! To place an order, simply find a piece of pottery you'd like to purchase, add it to your cart, and check out as you normally would on any other shopping website. Our...

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How Polish Pottery is Created

When we tell our customers that each piece of pottery is hand made and hand painted in Boleslawiec, Poland it inspires a lot of respect and admiration. Actually seeing how the process works and being able to see the creation of pieces from start to finish is an absolutely breathtaking process.  Each individual piece is handled by more than 10 people before it reaches your kitchen. The care and precision that goes into every piece astounds us. Regardless of if your pottery is a $300 large Unikat serving bowl, or a $8 coaster, the same level of love and dedication is put into every piece of Polish Pottery. The difference between Polish Pottery products and mass produced stoneware and dinnerware...

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